December 29, 2019

Be Still and Know

Passage: 1 Kings 19:9-18

12/29/19 Discipleship Pastor Jason Burnett brings us a message from the Old Testament, but with the passion that is anything but old. The message today is to be patient and trust in the provision of our Lord. We have to be still and be with God. Often misguided we can find ourselves thinking that busyness equals success. We strive for the material so we overwork. We value entertainment over God. We feel pressure to ensure our kids success or allow them to rule our lives. To overcome this thru the word is to confess our sin and repent of the busyness. Learn to control our calendar. Spend time in solitude and silence with God. Take a fast from social media. We hope you find time today to be with God and trust Him to be enough for your life.