March 1, 2020

KISS: Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing

Passage: Haggai 1: 1-6

3/1/20 Today Pastor Brandt begins a new series, KISS: Keep it Simple Scott. This light-hearted title suggests the ease at which we sometimes forget to keep the main thing the main thing in our lives. We can get bogged down with busy work and emotion and allow time or priorities to get away from us and in Haggai 1:1-6 we find the secret to overcome this distraction. First we must remember what is important. Secondly don't wait, but act when you are led by God without hesitation. Lastly, don't settle on bad decisions or for less than God's will for your life. Supporting scripture found in Isaiah 44:22-24. Thank you for watching and we pray that if we can further help you understand this scripture or others that you will contact us with the information found at the end of this video.