“Twelve Oaks Baptist is a home to gather with people who love you.  A place to be accepted and cared for no matter your condition in life at that moment.  I came to Twelve Oaks very broken and lost.  My first encounters were with people who showed great love for me, people who didn’t know me, but reached out with genuine care and love.  From a place of love, I realized that I was living a life for myself and my desires were all about me that were leading to an unfulfilling, miserable life.  I came to realize that there was something different in the lives of so many of the people that I met at Twelve Oaks.  A true relationship with Jesus is what I was missing.  I had to be humble enough to give up the desires of my flesh and turn from my sins.  Once I understood my sin, I was able to turn from it and accept the gifts of forgiveness and grace that only Christ can provide.  I can define the people of Twelve Oaks with one word – Love!”
Stephen Jones

“MY church is my life. I have attend 12th Street /12 Oaks Baptist Church for over 65 years.  I can’t imagine life without this body of people (MY church family). This body of people are traditional yet very contemporary thinking Christians seeking Christ for Paducah, Kentucky and to all of the World.”
Rudele Orazine

“Twelve Oaks has great pastors preaching God’s word for today’s people.   A loving friendly Church.  Excellent leadership from Bible study to our Classics (senior) group.  Love abounds!”
June Poyner

“Twelve Oaks Baptist Church is more than just a place for Christians to gather, to me it is a place where brothers and sisters in Christ gather together to worship the Lord as a family. It is a church where God’s Word is preached and my faith has been strengthened.  Where we rejoice, laugh, cry and pray together.”
Dionne Shelby

“Twelve Oaks Baptist Church means to me a sense of belonging, comfort, happiness, feeling loved. There’s always something for each of our family members to be involved in. We truly feel at home here.”
Crystal Hartman

“What is 12 Oaks to me?  A place that I have called my church home for 30 years.  It is where my family learns about our Savior and Biblical values that we will carry for the rest of our lives and will be passed on to my grandchildren one day.  It’s a place where our pastors are true to God’s Word.  It’s a place that ministered to me and my family when we lost my Dad.  It’s a place that is so comfortable to me that if I miss one Sunday I feel like I have missed the last family gathering.  But it’s more than just a place to worship.  Its a place where our small group meets to share life’s struggles and blessings.  Where we pray for each other and the things that are impacting others and the world around us.  I am truly thankful to be a part of this body of Christ.”
Kevin Leonard

If you have had a special moment at 12 Oaks Baptist or you would like to share your testimony… we would love to hear it. Please share with us what God is doing in and through your life and how He is using 12 Oaks Baptist to grow you in that. Maybe you just want to share an opinion of a sermon, worship, youth event, Sunday school class, small group, discipleship class, no matter, we want to hear from you!!!