Worship at 12 Oaks Baptist is a blended mixture of contemporary and classic worship. We love to worship to the old hymns as well as some of the great new music that today’s artists are putting out. We have a group of dedicated musicians, vocalists, and sound men, but we are always looking for people to join us in leading worship at 12 Oaks. We believe that worship should be centered on Christ and that one of the most important things a congregation can do to ensure unity and oneness is to worship and sing together. We promote freedom of worship and welcome all to join in and feel at home here. We have choir performances for Easter and Christmas and as often as we can we perform special music on Sunday mornings as well. Choir members are asked to attend practices at 5 pm on Sunday evenings in the choir room. Choir members are asked to attend both 1st and 2nd service worship as often as possible. We also love the months with 5 Sundays. We have a 5th Sunday singing during the evening services on those occasions. These evenings are full of praise with solos, choir performances, congregational singing and more… you don’t need to be a choir member to use your talents either. Just email Scott and he will get you involved. Don’t waste the gifts that you have been given. Join our worship team this week.