Mission Statement:  The mission of the director, musicians, vocalists, and sound/video team of 12 Oaks is to enrich the service through praise, worship and devotion in song.  We strive and pray that through the Spirit we will achieve excellence and sincerity of worship of Christ our Savior.  The Music Ministry will strive to assist the congregation in centering their thoughts upon God as well.  We pray that through this leadership the worshipers will enjoy a complete freedom of worship that will prepare them to receive the Word and apply it to their lives.

Vision: Our vision is to worship God in truth and in spirit. We envision a church where everyone is encouraged to use their talents to glorify our Lord. We see a congregation that completely supports this ministry by encouraging participation, uplifting participants, and consistent prayer for this ministry.

Opportunity: For those who are eager to serve we have a variety of ways that you can help the music ministry at 12 Oaks.

Choir: We have choir practices Sunday afternoons at 5 pm in the choir room and everyone is encouraged to attend. We are constantly looking for more singers ready to worship through song. We will be performing at least one song a month, plus Easter and Christmas cantatas.

Musicians: We have a pianist on staff, but all other musicians are volunteers. We are always looking to add talent. We encourage you to participate and encourage others with talent to participate as well. Flute, violin, electric guitar, acoustic guitar… all with talent are welcome to join.

Praise Team: Every Sunday morning and evening as well as Wednesday services have times of worship through song. So, there is always a need for singers. If you can harmonize, have the courage, and feel led to lead… we need you!

Sound/Video Techs: We have a dedicated group of folks that are trained to keep the sound and video going, but they could always use more help. We would love to have more volunteers to assist with videos, sound, video editing and more… let us know your interest and/or talent and we will try to find a way for you to assist.


Thank you to everyone who helps, leads, and prays for our music department.