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What to expect in our Student Ministry?

You will find adults who love God, love students, and who are intentional about making disciples. You will also find students who are friendly and loving.

What is the mission of the Student Ministry at 12 Oaks?

Our mission is three fold:

-to lead students to be saved by Gods grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ,

-to lead them to be transformed by Gods grace through the Spirit into the likeness of Christ, and

-to lead them to make disciples of Christ by Gods grace.

How do we accomplish this mission?

We believe that the Spirit of God uses the Word of God to transform lives. Thus, the Word of God is central to our ministry.  We also believe that transformation happens in the context of community.  Here is how we accomplish our mission:

-Sunday mornings we offer gender and age specific Sunday school for students who will hear the gospel and be able to become more like Christ through the study of the Word of God.  We also utilize Sunday school to teach students how to make disciples.

-Sunday nights during the school year, we offer discipleship classes that helps them to know how to defend the truth of Christianity, how to share the gospel, how to make disciples, and other topics students face today.

-Wednesday nights, we offer a worship service where our Minister of Students preaches verse by verse through books of the Bible.  These services are intended to be evangelistic and lead believers to be more like Christ.

How do parents fit in to our Student Ministry?

We recognize that youth leaders do not take the place of parents’ role to disciple their kids. While the Bible is clear that parents are the primary disciple makers of their children, we come alongside to help them do that in the following ways. First, through our weekly and monthly gatherings.  Second, we regularly offer courses to parents to help them learn how to disciple their children.

How can students get involved?

Other than our weekly gatherings, we offer other opportunities to accomplish our mission for students. Here is a list of calendar events to expect throughout the year:

January – Passion Conference for high school seniors, monthly fellowship

February –  monthly fellowship

March – Disciple Now Weekend

April – Monthly fellowship

May – Senior Recognition/dinner, and monthly fellowship

June – High school mission camp and VBS

July – Middle school recreation camp, Serve weekend

August – Back to school event, monthly fellowship

September – See You At The Pole event, monthly fellowship

October – monthly fellowship

November – Fall Retreat

December – no events scheduled

How to get connected?

Follow us on Facebook at Twelve Oaks Baptist Students